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Древен слънчев календар

Solar calendar of 1300 years

If you take a walk in the park of Razlog you will certainly see the 12 marble figures of animals, each weighing between 1 and 2 tons. They are all part of the restored Ancient Solar Calendar.

It was found in the lands of Razlog in the 70s of XX century by …

The village of Dobarsko

The village of Dobarsko / 1070 m above sea level / is located 18 km from the town of Razlog. The village is an attractive tourist destination at the foot of Rila Mountain with preserved traditions, customs, authentic folklore and crafts. The Church of St. St. Theodore Styron and Theodore Stratilat (1614) is a cultural …

The village of Banya

The village of Banya is located 5 km from Razlog. Spa resort, from the bowels of which 72 thermal springs with a temperature of 45 ° C – 58 ° C gush. The biggest tourist attractions in the village are the two old baths – “Turkish bath” and “Old Roman bath”, promoting the ancient tradition …

The village of Bachevo

The village of Bachevo / 920 m above sea level / is 4 km north of the town of Razlog, in southwestern Rila. Horse bases have been built in the village, which offer riding lessons, walks with horses and donkeys, a specialized program for therapeutic riding.

The most revered holiday for the inhabitants of the village …

The village of Godlevo

The village of Godlevo / 900 m above sea level / is located 7 km from the town of Razlog, on the southern slopes of Rila. In the land of the village of Godlevo there are a number of remains of ancient settlements. 6 dams have been built on its territory, which are also used …

The village of Gorno Draglishte

The village of Gorno Draglishte / at 850 m above sea level / is located 13 km northeast of the town of Razlog. The village is an attractive center for many tourists with its incredibly beautiful nature, affordable eco-trails in the Rila Mountains, with the comfort and tranquility of rural tourism

село Елешница

The village of Eleshnitsa / at 793 m above sea level / is 18 km east of the town of Razlog, in the valley of the river Zlataritsa. On the territory of the village there are four healing mineral springs with different composition and temperature / from 20 ° С to 70 ° С / …

Villa Leventy

Villa Leventi is a detached house and offers mountain relaxation in the village of Banya with mineral pool with jacuzzi, only 5 km. from Bansko and 150 km. from Sofia. If you want to find privacy and tranquility with your family or friends, this is your place to relax. The house offers a comfortable and …

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