– Ancient solar calendar

Древен слънчев календар

Solar calendar of 1300 years

If you take a walk in the park of Razlog you will certainly see the 12 marble figures of animals, each weighing between 1 and 2 tons. They are all part of the restored Ancient Solar Calendar.

It was found in the lands of Razlog in the 70s of XX century by treasure hunters. The Solar Calendar has a circular shape – it is a stone discus with a diameter of 10cm; on both sides covered with low emboss with a hole in the middle – probably used as an amulet. The Calendar is a result of the thousand-year observation of our ancestors in their attempt to orientate in time and space. Bulgarians use this calendar from ancient times up until the end of the XIX century. The archaeological finding is dated about 8th century A.D. and is the only full preserved image of the ancient Bulgarian calendar, found in and originated from the lands of Bulgaria today.

GPS coordinates: N 41.887173, E 23.466892

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