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Project: Paths for accessible tourist heritage
Local Agency for Economic Development – Razlog signed a contract on 15.12.2017. for implementation of a project within the Cooperation Program “INTERREG V-A Greece Bulgaria” 2014 – 2020
Project: Paths for accessible tourist heritage
Acronym: Access2Heritage
Priority Axis Sustainability – Adaptability to climate
Investment priority 6c
Leading partner: Management structure of the National Park for the Rhodope Mountains region
Partners: Rhodope Ecosworld Association, Local Agency for Economic Development – Razlog, Volvi Municipality, National Confederation of People with Disabilities, Northern Greece Branch, Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia, Regional Youth Parliament Association – Kardzhali, Bulgaria
Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia, Faculty of Business Administration in Serres, Union of the Disabled in Bulgaria
Budget: € 1,295,840.00
The main goal of the project is to support the sustainable development of cultural tourism in the cross-border area and to establish the region as an international destination for adults and accessible tourism, including people with disabilities and chronic diseases, the elderly and their families.
The aim of the project is:
• exchange and introduce know-how and good practices related to improving the accessibility of cultural and natural heritage structures (activities between people)
• Improving the accessibility and attendance of the selected cultural and natural heritage in the cross-border areas (construction works)
• Improving the environmental performance of supported structures for better energy consumption, waste management and protection, etc. (greening of maintained sites)
• improve the capacity of authorities responsible for the management of cultural and natural heritage assets, as well as tourism professionals (eg guides, travel agents, event organizers, transport services, etc.) for construction activities of capacity.
• raising awareness of local stakeholders, especially young people, about the potential of tourism tourism, the importance of adopting strategies for sustainable development and inclusive design, etc. (awareness activities)
• collects data related to the accessibility and convenience of visitors with disabilities and elderly visitors to key cultural and natural resources in the border areas (field studies)
• to improve the visibility of cultural and natural landmarks that are accessible and friendly to all through electronic and physical media, campaigns, etc., by preparing an informative guide for all visitors with useful information about the elderly and people with disabilities.
• conducts a joint study of the strategic planning regarding the brands of the cross-border area as an international tourist destination for the elderly and people with disabilities, with high quality at a low to medium price (policies and plans)
• measuring the satisfaction and behavior of adults and visitors with disabilities in the assisted structures and in the cross-border area as a whole (studies on the behavior and satisfaction of tourists). The project will be based on the relevant experience of the partners.

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