Local Agency for Economic Development – Razlog

The association consists of municipalities, legal entities and individuals from the region along the Mesta River. Especially important is the joint activity of LEDA-Razlog and other local institutions – municipalities, community centers, Labor Office, schools and partnership with business in the implementation of projects and initiatives leading to economic growth, employment, improving the quality of life.
The independent activity of LEDA-Razlog is related to the development of educational programs, organization and holding of seminars, vocational training courses; development and implementation of projects, partnership participation in international projects under the European Union, the Know How Fund, the International Labor Organization and others.
LEDA-Razlog is also one of the proven institutions in the field of vocational training and education at the regional level. The Vocational Training Center “Local Agency for Economic Development-Razlog”, licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, offers specialized vocational training: vocational training, English (all levels), computer training licensed by Microsoft, training in key competencies, etc.
LEDA-Razlog has been a member of the National Business Development Network (NBDNA) since its establishment. The National Business Development Network Association unites business centers, business incubators and development agencies on the territory of over 90 municipalities in the country. The association develops strategies and implements projects to support business and create new jobs.

Aims and Objectives of the Association:

  • To support and encourage the development of the local economy
  • To help provide greater economic opportunities for producers by helping to create new and better conditions for their work;
  • Encourages, supports and creates for the development of entrepreneurship is the region of the municipalities of Razlog, Bansko, Belitsa and Yakoruda
  • Facilitates the development of local potential to support the unemployed in the region through specialized professional support and assistance in providing financial resources for starting and developing small and medium businesses
  • Provides manufacturers, entrepreneurs and those wishing to start their own business, professional business consulting and advice in the field of production, markets, finance, business planning, taxes, legislation, setting up and managing your own company, selection and management of staff and more.
  • Provides help and assistance in preparing business plans, investment projects
  • Assists entrepreneurs and producers in finding sources of funding and in establishing contacts with funding authorities
  • Collects, organizes and stores up-to-date economic information in order to provide it to stakeholders and individuals;
  • Organizes or assists in organizing local public events such as seminars, workshops, exhibitions, fairs and the like to promote local business;
  • Provides information and assists in establishing business contacts in the country and abroad

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Our Partners

Проектът е съфинансиран от Европейския Фонд за Регионално Развитие /ЕФРР/ и от националните фондове на участващите страни в Програмата за сътрудничество ИНТЕРРЕГ V-A “Гърция – България 2014 - 2020”

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund /ERDF/ and by the national funds of the participating countries in the INTERREG V-A "Greece - Bulgaria 2014 - 2020" Cooperation Programme

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