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Църква „Св. Благовещение“

GPS coordinates: N 41.886158, E 23.463780

Located in the center of Razlog, Church Holy Annunciation, impresses with its beautiful iconostasis and architecture. This is one of the biggest and most beautiful churches in the Nevrocop diocese.

On 5.XI.1939 the church “ Holy Annunciation ” was consecrated and opened with a wish to give blessings and annunciation to …

St. St. Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat, Dobarsko

GPS coordinates: N 41.970722, E 23.474006

The church of Sveti Sveti Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat in the village of Dobarsko is one of the few Bulgarian churches from the 17th century that have come to the present day in their authentic status. It was built in 1614 and designated as a cultural monument of national importance …

Church of the Holy George - village Banya

The first church in the village of Banya, which today bears the name “Holy Martyr George the Victorious” was built and consecrated in 1835. The history of this church still arouses interest among both locals and tourists in the village.

There is a legend that the foundations of the church were built in 1811, but for …

Chapel Saint Elijah

The chapel of St. Elijah was built on the foundations of a medieval chapel, and the road to it passes through beautiful places and a pond with fish. From here you can see the whole Razlog valley.

Historical Museum – Razlog

GPS coordinates: N 41.885733, E 23.460830 view on map

The museum is part of a few renaissance houses that are declared monuments of architecture. The building is from the type “razlojko-chepinska” house “brother” type from the end of 19th century. This type of house is considered to be the successor to the so called “symmetrical houses” …

St. Ekaterina church

There are only three churches in Bulgaria that are named after St. Ekaterina – the forerunner of the winter. The oldest one is the one near Razlog. There are sources that suggest that the church was built in the beginning of 14th century. An interesting fact according to the archaeologists is that the place is …

Museum exhibition - Eleshnitsa

The first museum exhibition in the village of Eleshnitsa was established in 1978 in the library, and has a profile archeology. 

In November 1994 with the help of experts from the historical museum in Blagoevgrad  the new exhibition was opened, it can be seen today – pottery, ethnography and documents about the history of the village. The …

Ethnographic-historical museum - the village of Banya

The museum is located in the center of the village. Remains of vessels from the 11th century B.C., archeological finds of Celtic origin, tombstones from the time of the Ottoman rule are exhibited. The ethnographic part includes pottery and other household utensils, folk costumes and works of folk art, typical of Banya. Exhibits related to …

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