– St. Ekaterina church

St. Ekaterina church

There are only three churches in Bulgaria that are named after St. Ekaterina – the forerunner of the winter. The oldest one is the one near Razlog. There are sources that suggest that the church was built in the beginning of 14th century. An interesting fact according to the archaeologists is that the place is sacred since Thracian times. Remnants of Thracian sanctuary have been found there. The interesting history of the church attracts many tourists in the region.

The church St. Ekaterina is known as a cultural monument. It is situated in “Katarino” area, 7km west from Razlog and is part of the Neurokop eparchy. It is one of the historical sites that the town and its surroundings are known for. It was built in the beginning of the ottoman enslavement in Bulgaria. Several years after it was built, the beautiful church that some believe only served as a chapel, was destroyed and almost nothing remained. However, it was revived; completely restored and today the tourists can see it the way it was back in the days, when the local craftsman masons built it with the help of all the local people. The region, in which the church is situated, was a place for worship from the Thracians.

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