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mountain biking

Mountain biking

You should not go around the area without your favorite bike. Of course, if you left it at home, you can always rent one.

The boys from the cycling club “Fast pedals” in Razlog and the cycling club in Eleshnitsa often make tours to and from Yavorov hut (1740m), to the Rila slopes over the village of Bachevo and Perivol area, to the chapel over the village of Godlevo and after that towards the fishpond over the village of Dobarsko and Dobarsko hut. There is marked and maintained route from the village of Godlevo to the Rila Monastery.

Mountain biking routes:

  • Route “Ponderosa”, 5* difficulty /42km./ 
    • The marking of this route is red. This is the longest and most difficult route for mountain bike ride. It strarts from the region “Predel” with two options. The first option passes through the region “St. Catherina” and hotel “Katarino” – Razlog city, and the second one leads to the old forest roads to village Bachevo – Razlog city.
  • Route “Perfect day”, 4* difficulty /18 km./
    • The marking of this route is orange. It can start from the city of Bansko as well as the region of Pirin Golf Country Club. The route goes arround the borders of the Pirin national park.
  • Route “Foxy Lady”, 3* difficulty /25 km./

The marking of this route is pink. It with its memorable name goes to the field road from Bansko to Banya village. Bansko, region Rupchovets – the area of St. George – Dubovets – Banya village – Bansko.

Bicycle alley

  • Bicycle alley from the intersection of Hristo Botev Street with Alexander Stamboliyski Street to the exit for the village of Banya
  • Bicycle alley from the intersection of Izvorite Street and Ikonom Angelov Street to the exit of the town of Razlog in the direction of the town of Blagoevgrad
  • Bicycle alley Betolovoto – Tsarnako


You won’t regret it, if you decide to go mountain biking or you tour Razlog and the surrounding areas by bike.

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