– Stone slabs from Stolovatets

Stone slabs from Stolovatets

In 1971 – 1972. Remains of a Thracian sanctuary from the end of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age have been found in the Stolovatets area (about 5 km west of Razlog). Ruins of walls built of crushed stones are clearly visible. There were found 3 large marble slabs with embossed decoration, associated with the cult of the sun. The slabs from Razlog are defined as extremely valuable for the history of mankind.

The marble slabs from Stolovatets date back to 2,000 BC. They are most likely part of a sanctuary associated with the widespread Thracian cult of the Sun. Of particular interest is the male figure with a pronounced phallus on one of the plates. Thus is depicted one of the main gods of the Thracians, known by his Hellenic name Hermes. It is characteristic of him that he is the god of the Thracian kings and chiefs.

Restoration of the slabs from Stolovatets is located in front of the Cultural Center in the town of Razlog

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