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central square Razlog

Razlog Municipality with a territory of 440, 314 sq. km is one of the most dynamically developing municipalities, sixth in territory and fifth in population in Blagoevgrad region.

Razlog Municipality has a population of 22,876 inhabitants, consisting of 8 settlements – the town of Razlog, which is the municipal center and 7 villages: Banya, Bachevo, Godlevo, Gorno Draglishte, Dolno Draglishte, Dobarsko and Eleshnitsa.

The urbanized territories are well-developed and with developed road, communication, energy, water supply and sewerage infrastructure. The region’s economy is growing steadily. The region has preserved natural areas, borders on two national parks suitable for the development of various forms of tourism. The management of the mineral waters develops spa tourism in combination with an interesting cultural and historical heritage.

The settlements in the municipality have a well-developed landscaping system, well-maintained parks, sports grounds, stadiums, kindergartens and schools, restored cultural and historical monuments.

A number of events are held in the region, a rich cultural calendar of events, both traditional and modern, is maintained.

Technical infrastructure is at a high level with a well-established network for Internet access, well-developed educational structure, availability of educated and qualified human resources.

Razlog is a lively and dynamic mountain town, combining the spirit of the Renaissance with modern architecture.

The remarkable thing in the urban appearance of Razlog are the numerous fountains, each of which has an individual look. They are a favorite place to relax on hot summer days.

The central city park is a favorite place for rest and relaxation. The lush green grass, the centuries-old pines, the coolness of the water promenade and the lake arouse the admiration of the visitors.

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